How Embibe RANK UP Helped Me To Crack JEE Main

JEE Main is the most popular and the most competitive entrance exams for engineering in India. Every year, lakhs of students (close to 16 lakhs) appear for the JEE Main in the hopes to get into some of the top engineering institutes in the country. The JEE Main is also the preliminary exam for IIT aspirants who, if they clear the JEE Main cutoff, will be eligible to appear for the JEE Advanced. The JEE Advanced is mandatory for those who wish to get admission in the IITs which are considered as ‘institutes of national importance’ by the government. To study in one of the IITs is a dream fo many aspiring engineers. That is one of the reasons why there is so much competition surrounding this exam and why it is one of the toughest entrance exams.

The JEE Main is conducted by the CBSE and the syllabus is taken from the CBSE 11th and 12th syllabus. While it is not impossible to clear the cutoff, it is definitely a challenge to be one of the JEE Main top rankers. There are many online platforms that help students prepare for various entrance exams like the JEE Main. Embibe is one such platform. However, in a sea of learning forums, Embibe’s personalised and data-driven advanced test analysis is what sets it apart from the rest. It’s product – RANKUP – not only helps students prepare but it guarantees improvement in each and every student.

Jee Advanced Answer Key?

RANKUP is Embibe’s score improvement product that uses a student’s performance in its tests to provide personalised feedback and in-depth analysis. It does this by taking into account three very important and indicative factors of a student’s performance:

  1. Academic Proficiency
  2. Behavioural Proficiency
  3. Test-taking Proficiency

RANKUP’s test analysis will help a student know exactly where his weaknesses are. It will help identify the chapters he got right, wrong and chapters he did not even attempt. This will help the student know exactly where to focus in his revision to improve in the next test. It will identify the important concepts that he nailed in the tests, and also the ones that he missed.

The advanced test analysis by RANKUP will also give the student question-wise analysis. This means he can not only see which questions he got right or wrong but also how effective his attempts and how he spent his time in each question. Behaviour can have a huge impact on a student’s performance and score. Nervousness, anxiety, panic, etc. are all emotions that every student go through during an exam. Even over-confidence can bring you down! RANKUP’s analysis helps to keep all this in control by taming you test by test, thereby resulting in a marked score improvement with every test!

If you are wondering how to score higher in JEE Main, RANKUP is the key! Find out more how its advanced test analysis works in improving score.

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