How different industries treat their wastewater?

There are about a hundred different industries that are working in a single city today. Millions and millions of products are made in these industries. Some industries are manufacturing in steel, some are dealing with textile, some of the industries make plastic products Etc. In the past, what happened was that all of the waste material and the wastewater of these industries were dumped into the seas or on the ground Etc. If these are dumped in the sea or ponds and rivers Etc. then there is a high chance of this waste contaminating the drinking water as well.

With the progress that has been done in the fields of science and technology, the industries are now able to safely deposit  their waste material. They have also been able to recycle and find a proper solution to their water treatments. They have adopted some safe methods for treating their wastewater as well.

Following are the ways some of the industries have taken up to solve the problem of treating their wastewater.

Chemical Treaments:

There are a lot of industries like the oil industry, steel and iron industry Etc. that use the method of chemical treatment to treat their water. Water is used in almost all industries and it is used for multi purposes and in bulk as well. Therefore, it is really not practical to dump all that water that contains any harmful bacteria and other things in it. This water is not fit to be released out into the environment. Therefore, any industries treat their water chemically so that it can be reused in way way or the other in the industry.

Targeted Treatments:

Sometimes, what industries do is that they specifically treat the wastewater depends on the waste materials that is present in the water. For example, we can see this method taken up in the Tailing ponds Treatment. This treatment is used to treat the wastewater from the ore mills. The waste that these ore mills process is called tailings. This waste is most probably dumped in the ponds and rivers and can very well contaminate the normal drinking water as well. Therefore, this water is purified of these wastes and used for other purposes. After distillation and filtration this water can be safely put out into the environment as well.

Power plant:

Power plants are amazing water purifiers and filter the water of any and all bacteria any sulfates Etc. The water is clarified and filtered and then made suitable for using for different needs and purposes. The power plant is a great thing that is used by many industries to manage their waste water in the most efficient way. The biodegradable  techniques are also used by many industries as a solution to their wastewater solution. The power plant is an excellent recycling agent as well. Not only industries, but often certain housing societies also have a great use of power plants in their housing society.

These are just some of the ways in which industries treat their wastewater.



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